Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing engineering is a strong engineering area we offer for undergraduate and postgraduate education at Auckland University of Technology. This education is strongly linked to the research activities carried out in the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Technology (CAMTEC) that was established in the 2000s. At CAMTEC, we conduct theoretical and experimental studies on a number of important and major manufacturing processes. We work and have on-going projects with manufacturing industry in NZ. The current major areas of research in the centre are:

  • Metallic additive manufacturing,
  • Tribology
  • Welding including friction stir welding,
  • Machining and machinability
  • Mechanical behaviours and performance of materials

We also work from time to time on topics related to coating, corrosion, extrusion, sheet metal forming, and casting. The Center (the university) is equipped with not only the various manufacturing research facilities but also a range of mechanical testing and materials analytical equipment.

Key research equipment

  • Manufacturing research facilities: Hydraulic press (for forming study); CNC machines; Milling (and friction stir)/tuning/drilling machines with dynamometers; Selective laser melting and selective laser sintering machines; GMA/GTA/plasma welding machines; Heat treatment furnaces
  • Testing and analytical facilities: Tensile/compression testing machines ((high temperature testing up to 1100°C); Fatigue testing machine; Block on ring tribometer, rotary tribometer (high temperature testing up to 800°C, humidity control), linear reciprocating tribometer (high temperature and frequency, high normal load up to 200N), and tribo-corrosion test set-up; Micro scratch and indentation testers; Scanning electron microscope (& EDS/EBSD); 3D optical profilometer; Stylus profilometer; Atomic force microscope