Centre for Urban Built Environment NZ - Staff & Students

Staff Members

Director: Professor John Tookey

Academic staff:

  1. Associate Professor James Rotimi
  2. Dr Dave Moore
  3. Dr. Nicola Naismith
  4. Dr. Jeff Seadon
  5. Dr. Ali GhaffarianHoseini
  6. Dr. Pouyan Zarnani
  7. Dr. Sherif Beskhyroun
  8. Dr Fei Ying
  9. Dr. Grant Bourke
  10. Dr. Roohollah Kalatehjari

Postgraduate Students

PhD students in progress:

StudentResearch TitleSupervisor
Radyan DananjoyoDeveloping world class service excellence for the New Zealand house building industry: a study of Auckland residential housingJohn Tookey
Anne Anthonius Gerben StaalInnovating towards zero-waste value chains in the building industryJohn Tookey
Anthony Ifeanyi OkakpuInvestigating the effectiveness of a BIM-integrated sustainable assessment model for housing refurbishment towards enhancement of BIM adoption level, performance and productivity improvement: case of Auckland, New ZealandAli GhaffarianHoseini
Farhad Mohammadi DaraniInnovative resilient slip friction connection system for seismic damage avoidance design of concentrically braced multi-story timber framesPouyan Zarnani
Dat DoanDeveloping a process mapping procedure (PMP) of BIM application for building construction projects in New ZealandAli GhaffarianHoseini
Mehrdad SoltanifarApplication of the SCOR supply chain model to the New Zealand construction industryJohn Tookey
Okechukwu NwadigoAn integrated project process model for optimising proactive/reactive construction project scheduling: case of residential buildings in Auckland, New ZealandAli GhaffarianHoseini
Tongrui ZhangApplication of parametric robotic control within a BIM framework for building life cycle managementAli GhaffarianHoseini
Michael LiDevelopment of a seismic assessment system for evaluating seismic behaviour of earthquakeSherif Beskhyroun
Mahesh PurushothamanImpact of bias in lean manufacturing, supply chain and business processesJeff Seadon
Niusha NavabianDevelopment of a cyber-based automated structural health monitoring (SHM) system for bridgesSherif Beskhyroun
Marcela BraunerDeveloping an optimised sustainability assessment tool for BIM systems: incorporation of hygrothermal modelling into BIM John Tookey
Nan ZhaoDeveloping the model of bidding strategies for public-private partnerships (PPPs)Fei Ying