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The Wireless InnovationS in Engineering (WISE) research group undertakes cutting-edge wireless research at the physical-layer, device-level, and protocol-level. Current research activities are focused on next-generation (B5G/6G) wireless systems, microwave and millimetre-wave radio frequency structures, radio frequency based sensing and energy harvesting, and others.

The research group is made up of academic staff members and postgraduate students from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE). The staff members are:

Active projects :

Masoto Chiputa
Seamless integration of optical and wireless architectures
Chong & Sabit
PhD Arslan Rasheed Software-defined vehicular edge networks Chong & Liu (NSRG)
PhD Shakir Ullah SDN-based heterogeneous visible light communication network Chong & Rehman (Flinders)
PhD Anuradha Singh Wireless sensing for health monitoring Chong, Yongchareon (CSSE) & Rehman (Flinders)
PhD Md Jahan Ali IoT-based approach to managing children asthma Sabit & Al-Jumaily (IBTec)
PhD Shilpa Mehta Reconfigurable low noise mixer for software defined radios Li & Moir
PhD Henry Ojukwu Smart radio systems Seet & Rehman (Flinders)
PhD Mohammadreza Farashahi Backscatter radio sensors Seet & Li
PhD Wasan Althubitat Al Amro Super wideband antennas for medical imaging Seet, Parthiban (Honeywell Aerospace) & Wang (SZTU)
PhDBiswash Paudel Millimetre-wave radar for underground mining Li & Moir

Available Projects: Prospective PhD/ME students may approach our group's staff members for available research projects, or develop their own research project in consultation with their potential supervisors.

Alumni (student):

Dr.  Erfeng Li2022Flexible electronic structure for radio frequency applications Li & Seet
Dr.  Jofina Jijin2021
Fog-based 5G radio access technologies
Seet & Chong
Percy Kapadia (ME)2021Deep learning for multi-access edge computingSeet
Dr. Adnan Ghaffar 2021
Reconfigurable antennas for energy harvesting
Li & Seet
Dr. Aayush Aneja
Multiband reconfigurable LNA for software defined radio
Li & Moir
Nitin Kathuria (ME) 2021 Flexible antenna arrays for radar-based vital signs monitoring Seet
Dr. Minglong Zhang 2020 Physical layer network coding over multipath fading channels Chong & Seet
Dr. Prabakar Pathiban 2020 Patch antenna arrays using non-conventional RF materials Seet & Li
Dr. Hazim Jarrah 2020 System-level fault diagnosis for dynamic networks Chong & Sakar (NSRG)
Dr. Tanveer Ahmad 2019 Indoor 3D wireless localisation Li & Seet
Dr. Asim Anwar 2018 Non-orthogonal multiple access for next-generation wireless systems Seet & Li
Dr. Xiaoyou Lin 2018 High radio frequency applications of soft conductors and flexible dielectrics Seet & Joseph (TDL)
Xin Dong (MPhil) 2018 Sparse antenna array with compressive sensing Li & Moir

Alumni (staff):

NameRolePeriod Current Affliation
Dr. Saeed Rehman Academic staff 2017-2019 Flinders University (Australia)
Dr. Chris Rapson Research Fellow 2018-2019 Auckland Transport

Key research equipment :

RF anechoic chamber
2300 x 2100 x 2300 mm
30 MHz to 110 GHz
Antenna positioner
2-axis; Semi-automated
Built-in RF detector
Horn antennas
800 MHz to 42 GHz
Agilent PNA network analyser
250 kHz to 20 GHz
Anritsu handheld vector network analyser
1 MHz to 40 GHz
Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyser
9 kHz to 30 GHz
Rohde & Schwarz signal generator
9 kHz to 3.2 GHz
Aaronia handheld spectrum analyser
9 kHz to 9.4 GHz
Weiss temperature and climatic test chamber
10-98% RH

For any enquiry, please contact: Boon-Chong Seet (boon-chong.seet@aut.ac.nz)

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