Embedded Systems Engineering

The staff members active in this area are:

Dr Mark Beckerleg
Areas of research include, Meta-heuristic Optimization (specifically Genetic Algorithms) for robotic control, semi-autonomous flight, embedded systems. Primary research has been in the use of genetic algorithms for robotic control, completing my PhD thesis in this topic in 2012. This research has to date lead to the publication of a book chapter, a journal publication and five conference papers. Further research in the use of quad rotor helicopters for search and rescue is also being investigated.

Dr John Collins
My research activities include many aspects of embedded computer systems. My postgraduate student supervisions are mostly concerned with novel industrial applications of embedded systems, many of which have involved industry partners and TIF funding. My current personal interest is in image processing in embedded systems, particularly the use of FPGAs to implement high speed image processing. Standard image processing algorithms cannot be fully implemented in hardware due to the lack of sufficient hardware resources to fully implement the algorithm software loops. The research aims to develop simpler algorithms that can be implemented, while still providing useful image processing capability for specific applications.