2016 Publications

Wireless Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Embedded Systems Engineering

Signals and Control Engineering

Wireless Engineering


Thomas, G., & Seet, B. -C. Multi-interface cognitive radio for enhanced routing in multi-hop cellular networks. International Journal of Communication Systems, 29(6):1156-1186, 2016.

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Books/Book Chapters

Lin X, Seet B-C, Joseph F. Wireless sensing systems for body area networks. In Sensors for everyday life: Biomedical applications. Editors: Mukhopadhyay SC. 22: 221-239. Springer, 2016.


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Islam N, Hossain MK, Ali GGMN, Chong PHJ. An expedite group key establishment protocol for Flying Ad-Hoc Network(FANET). 5th International Conference on Informatics, Electronics and Vision, Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 2016.

Rahman MA, Ali GGMN, Chong PHJ, Samantha SK, Muntasir MF, Chen C. On Scheduling Real-Time Multi-item Query with Network Coding in Multi-RSU Vehicular Networks. 22nd IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications, Daegu, South Korea, August 2016.

Shwe HY, Chong PHJ. WSN-based energy-efficient data communication protocol for smart green building environment.  International Telecommunications Energy Conference, Osaka, Japan, September 2016.

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Ali GGMN, Rahman MA, Chong PHJ, Samantha SK. On efficient data dissemination using network coding in multi-RSU vehicular Ad Hoc Networks. IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, Nanjing, China, May 2016.

Biomedical Engineering


Abbaspour S, Fallah A, Lindén M, Gholamhosseini H. A novel approach for removing ECG interferences from surface EMG signals using a combined ANFIS and wavelet. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology 26:52-59, 2016.

Baig MM, Gholamhosseini H, Connolly MJ. Falls risk assessment for hospitalised older adults: a combination of motion data and vital signs. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, 2016.

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Kilby, Prasad K, Mawston G. Multi-channel Surface Electromyography Electrodes: A Review. IEEE Sensors Journal, 2016.

Books/Book Chapters

Baig M, GholamHosseini H, Connolly M. Tablet-based clinical decision support system for hospitalised older adults. In Active and Assisted Living: Technologies and Applications. Editors: Florez-Revuelta F, Chaaraoui A. 311-332. IET, UK, 2016.


Afifi S, Gholamhosseini H, Sinha R. A low-cost FPGA-based SVM classifier for melanoma detection. IEEE-EMBS Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 2016.

Sabouri P, Gholamhosseini H. Lesion border detection using deep learning. IEEE Congress on Computational Intelligence, Vancouver, Canada, July 2016,

Xia B, Sun Y, Luo D, Gholamhosseini H. Classification of fruit species based on effective sensor array selection. IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics-China (ICCE), Guangzhou, China, December 2016.

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Embedded Systems Engineering


Perera A, Collins J. Novel Embedded System Based Species Recognition System for Pest Control. International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems 5(5):387-393, 2016.

Lin, X., Seet, B. -C., & Joseph, F. Fine-pitch surface component mounting on screen-printed fabric circuits. Electronics Letters, 52(12), 1032-1034, 2016.


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Beckerleg M, Hogg R. Evolving a lookup table based motion controller for a ball-plate system with fault tolerant capabilities. IEEE 14th International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control, Auckland, New Zealand, April 2016.

Beckerleg M, Zhang C. Evolving individual and collective behaviours for the Kilobot robot. IEEE 14th International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control, Auckland, New Zealand, April 2016.

Signals and Control Engineering


Harris JI, Alam F, Moir TJ. A hybrid frequency–time domain symmetric adaptive decorrelator. Signal, Image and Video Processing 1-8, 2016.

Sharan RV, Moir TJ. An overview of applications and advancements in automatic sound recognition. Neurocomputing, 2016.


Moir T. A new look at the LMS algorithm with Correlated driving noise. 3rd International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN), New Delhi, India, February 2016.