National Centre for Metal Forming and Tribology

The National Centre of Metal Forming and Tribology conducts research in all areas of metal forming processes, tribology and surface engineering with a strong focus on sheet metal materials. The centre supports the New Zealand metals industry by providing technical information and being a competent point of contact. Its expertise is available to the industry to assist in new product developments and to provide help with existing metal forming problems.

The centre is equipped with a range of state-of-the-art test instruments for tribological and mechanical characterisation. Capabilities range from evaluation for lubricants, fuels and additives to unique friction, wear and tribo-corrosion testing of advanced materials and coatings, specialised tribometers for high temperature testing as well as testing in special environments.


Hydraulic press
Servo-hydraulic testing machine
Block on ring tribometer
Rotary tribometer (high temperature testing up to 800°C, humidity control)
Linear reciprocating tribometer (high temperature testing up to 600°C, high frequency up to 30 Hz)
Tribo-corrosion test set-up
Scanning electron microscope
Atomic force microscope

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Master of Engineering

Selected Journal Publications

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Staff & Students

Prof. Thomas Neitzert

Assoc. Prof. Tim Pasang

Dr Maziar Ramezani
Mr. Mohammad Reza Arjmandi
Mr. Khashayar Khanlari
Mr. Mehdi Saeidi

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Phone: +64 9 921 9258
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